Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Dan Jurek

Marriage Checkup

Reignite the Spark in Your Marriage with the "Marriage Checkup" Webinar
Dan is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Specialist with more than 35 years of experience. His specialties are adult counseling and marriage and couples counseling. Dan is one of only a few therapists in Louisiana who has advanced training in Discernment Counseling for Couples by the Doherty Relationship Institute. This method is especially helpful when one or both spouses are considering divorce.

Are you looking to rekindle the love and connection in your marriage? Join us for the "Marriage Checkup" webinar, a transformative 1.5-hour session designed for couples committed to strengthening their relationship.

In this interactive webinar, you and your partner will:

  • Explore proven strategies to rebuild and enhance your relationship.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations to deepen your understanding and connection.
  • Develop a personalized action plan to reignite the love and passion.

Whether you're navigating challenges or just looking to enhance your bond, the "Marriage Checkup" offers a supportive space to grow together. Reconnect, rediscover, and rekindle your love. Sign up now and take the first step towards a stronger, more fulfilling partnership!


Marriage Checkup 1.5 Hour Webinar: $39

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