A Marriage Checkup

A Christian Marriage Checkup

a One Day Workshop


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A Marriage Checkup:

A workshop for Christian Couples

Presented by: Daniel Jurek, LMFT, LPC-S

This workshop is designed to help couples assess the strengths and weaknesses of their covenant relationship and to develop strategies for strengthening its health and vitality. Like physical health, the health of a marriage can be assessed and a plan can be developed for greater levels of relational connection, deeper communication, resilience and satisfaction. This is a perfect tune-up for all married couples: those happily so, those who seldom think about their marriage and those who simply deny that problems exist and never discuss possible ways to improve the way they relate to one another.


Saturday January, 18, 2020 – 8:30 -12:30

Topics covered:

  • How satisfying is your marriage?
  • 3 parts to a strong Christian marriage
  • 5 essential elements every marriage needs to grow
  • Hick-ups, struggles and roadblocks.
  • How to create a plan for marital growth

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