The Pax Renewal Center Team hold frequent seminars available to the public that address important life issues including online relationship counseling.

Upcoming Events

Dan Jurek is regularly hosting marriage and couples seminars in Lafayette, LA. Check here for upcoming event information.

Office Assistant Business Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9:00am-4:00pm
Friday: 9:00am-noon

Marriage & Couples

We provide Marriage and Couple Therapy private counseling sessions, group retreats, private intensive retreats and Discernment Counseling for couples who need clarity and confidence if they are on the brink of a divorce. Each couples counseling solution focuses building stronger relationships, improving communication skills, overcoming issues related to sexual intimacy, and discovering new ways to resolve conflict and differences, and overcome hardships.

Individual Counseling

Our Individual Therapy Sessions focus on bringing you a better fulfilling personal and family life.  We help adolescent and adults deal with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, process addictions, sex addiction, childhood trauma, abuse, and disordered eating. Whether you’re struggling with a particular issue, or just want to recapture your meaning and purpose in life, Pax Renewal Center can help. We provide a safe and caring environment in which you can identify and explore these issues.

Family Counseling

Whether it’s a relationship with a spouse, difficulties navigating adolescence or help with a troubled youth family counseling can help create meaningful communication and resolve conflict with your loved ones. Several of the therapists here at Pax Renewal Center specialize in counseling for families, adolescent counseling and play therapy to help families get through depression, behavioral and emotional disorders, conduct disorder, delinquency, traumatic experiences, grief, stress and anger.

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Marriage Event Attendee Reviews

Brandon C.

(The retreat) Allowed a safe place, free of distractions, to be with each other.

Richard H.

We were able to open the communication line which allowed us to talk about tough subjects, while having the option of a “referee” (counselor) or objective opinion if needed.

Event Attendee

Showed us ways to recognize and correct issues as they arise.

Event Attendee

We were able to go back to old stuff with a new understanding and also expose new things in a safe space.

Karen C.

It helped us to connect on a soul level possibly for the first time ever (which is crazy because we’ve been married for 20 years)

Dee A.

We talked in more depth on several of the conversations. It “made us” do the work of communication.

Dianne D.

The additional counselors to help us express ourselves was key to getting us to “listen” to each other.

Donna F.

I’m better aware of the strengths and deficits in our marriage and more realistic about possible outcomes.

Eugene S.

It gave me concentrated time to deepen my relationship with my wife. It provided a structure and background that allowed me to share my heart more. Deeply and experience her heart more fully.

Private Event Attendee

More communication, made it easier to talk to and hear my wife’s feelings.

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