Advice For Couples to Survive Infidelity

You can survive an affair. With hard work, dedication, and trust, your marriage can heal. This is no easy task. The unfaithful spouse must be willing to change and the betrayed spouse must be willing to forgive. With teamwork and therapy, your relationship will evolve back into the one you remember. Couples therapy has proven to be effective. Research shows that 93% of patients say working with a therapist gave them more effective tools for dealing with their problems and describe an improved physical health and ability to function better at work. What’s more, 97% of participants say they’d gotten the help they needed.

Going to Pax Renewal Center will heal your wounds. It’s the best marriage counseling Lafayette LA has to offer. Follow these steps to surviving marriage infidelity, and you will soon discover the love you have for each other once more.

Steps for the unfaithful partner

1. End your affair immediately
Stop all communication with your lover immediately. This will create a sense of trust for your betrayed spouse, and will show your willingness to be open and honest with your partner. As an average affair lasts for two years, it is important to foster a sense of honesty and commit yourself to your partner again after spending so much time going down the wrong path.

2. Answer any questions asked
Marriage experts agree that couples heal better after infidelity if the unfaithful spouse is 100% honest and answers every question asked in detail. The idea is simple. If you cannot discuss the affair, you cannot heal.

3.Be empathetic
One of the best indicators of whether or not a relationship will heal is how much empathy the unfaithful partner shows.

4. Don’t expect to be forgiven easily
It is highly likely your partner will be in shock and pain. These emotions don’t go away easily.

Steps for the betrayed spouse

1.Balance your rage with asking questions
You may want to lash out on your partner, but these large emotions can prevent your spouse from making full disclosure. It may be hard, but to get the truth you must be compassionate towards your partner’s feelings.

2.Set a time limit
The most important thing is not to let the affair take over your lives. Ask questions as they arise, but do not have the affair consume your life.

3. Be open about how the affair has affected you
Don’t hold back any emotions. You must disclose everything you are feeling in order to keep open a window of intimacy between you two.

It is easy to find support through Pax Renewal center, the most effective marriage counseling Lafayette LA has to offer. Marriage counseling is not easy, but it is worth it. Call now. Your relationship is waiting.

May 18, 2016

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