What Types Of Group Therapy Are There?

Therapy and mental health create a different experience for every individual, and no two people will follow the exact same path to wellness. For some, private sessions with a therapist can provide the therapy services the patient is seeking. However, others have more success in a group environment. There are a wide variety of group therapy session types, meaning there are plenty of options for everyone. Here are a few types of sessions offered that can provide mental health assistance for those who need it.

Family Counseling

Every family struggles sometimes, and conflict is not uncommon. In some situations, having outside help in the form of a counselor can help the family as a whole resolve conflict and develop tools for addressing future problems. These types of group therapy sessions usually include just the family, but if there are people close to the family that could benefit from inclusion, they might participate as well.

Susan Johnson Style Workshops

Many couples choose to participate in couples’ therapy with highly beneficial results. According to the Chicago Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy, research shows that about 50% of couples who participated in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy recovered upon the termination of therapy, with 70% recovering within the next three months. However, some couples benefit from group couples’ counseling sessions, such as those based around the work of Dr. Susan Johnson. The “Hold Me Tight” workshops designed by Dr. Johnson can promote healing and closeness between couples through conversations and specific couples’ therapy techniques.

Group Talk Therapy For Trauma

Talk therapy can be incredibly effective in easing issues associated with depression, anxiety, and trauma. However, in cases involving traumatic situations especially, meeting and talking with others who have similar experiences can be especially therapeutic. Group talk therapy sessions focused on moving past trauma can help survivors process their traumatic experiences with individuals who understand more than the average person.

The right form of group therapy can make a massive difference in someone’s comfort and mental health. With so many options available, there’s almost certainly a group therapy option available that will help you live with less stress. For more information on group therapy options, contact the Pax Renewal Center today.

March 6, 2020

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