Have a Troubled Marriage? Here Are 5 Signs You May Need to Turn to Marriage Therapy

Lafayette Couples Counseling and Marriage TherapyIt is no secret that a marriage requires hard work. A typical relationship is filled with ups and downs, beautiful moments, and days of anger. It is normal to have a fight now and then with your partner, but if this is a reoccurring theme in your daily life then it may be a good idea to go for couples counseling. But how will you know if family and group therapy is a good idea? Here are some clues you could use a little help.

1. You aren’t talking
Communication is a huge key to any relationship, and you may be putting up walls against your spouse that you don’t even realize. A qualified therapist will be able to identify why you are shutting off, and can offer new ways and ideas for you both to communicate in a happy and healthy way.

2. You are talking, but everything is negative
When you are in an argument, it can be tough to try and hear what the other person is saying without getting any emotion involved. This often leads to negative communication which includes saying something that causes the other to feel judged, shamed, or insecure, a negative tone, and refusal to listen.

3. When affection is off limits or withheld as a punishment
Giving your partner the silent treatment or withholding romance is one key sign that you should attend marriage counseling. This means that one spouse is acting as the punisher and another is the punished, which shows a huge lack of balance in the marriage.

4. There was an affair
The average length of an affair is two years, so it is incredibly hard to repair a marriage without professional help. An affair signifies hurt, a wandering eye, and a lack of trust and working alone with your spouse will not give you the answers or communication you desire and deserve.

5. If you are withholding financial information from your partner
Having a financial affair is almost as hurtful as a romantic affair, as it shows you do not trust your partner enough to share fiscal responsibilities. While some people may feel more comfortable handling finances on their own, it is always a red flag if you feel as if your partner is going behind your back with money.

Marriage counseling will bring your marriage back to the relationship you remember. Contact our family and group therapy specialists today if you want to repair your marriage and improve communication.

October 28, 2017

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