The Group Mentality: Why Group Marriage Retreats Are Effective

Marriage counseling has become more and more popular in recent years. Talking through your concerns and insecurities with a mediator present can do a world of good for a couple struggling to connect and communicate; by keeping the conversation productive and their perspective entirely unbiased, family therapists are able to bridge the gap and help find and recover lost love.

However, everybody is different: what worked for your neighbors may not be the best choice for you and your partner. If you’re considering relationship-focused therapy, a group marriage retreat may be a good, out-of-the-box idea.

The Power Of Group Therapy

Group therapy is successful for a number of reasons. It shows couples that they are not alone in this frustrating struggle, no matter how much they may feel they are; it encourages communication in a multitude of ways; and it allows individuals to hear several different perspectives on several different conflicts, leading to a more rounded understanding of how to manage them. Group marriage retreats do all this but in a very concentrated amount of time.

They’re also a compromise: many spouses or partners may feel uncomfortable with the idea of weekly or monthly sessions with a counselor. The vulnerability associated with sharing your innermost feelings with a stranger is undoubtedly bizarre, so group marriage retreats offer these individuals — if they’re fully committed and open to the experience — the opportunity to tackle everything in an intensive time period, usually three days to a week. The entire time is spent focusing on self- and relationship-improvement, keeping the focus always at the forefront of couples’ minds. With such dedication and awareness, issues can be more intensely delved into.

Growing As A Group

In addition to being forced to communicate your situation with a whole group that is in your shoes (or some form of them), you gain an unprecedented amount of support. You’ll be bonding with these strangers over their faults and issues as much as your own, and you’ll find that speaking and sharing becomes easier. The environment is always judgment-free and entirely open, allowing anyone and everyone to speak their mind — so long as it’s constructive.

The statistics don’t lie: over 98% of couples who sought out counseling said they received good or excellent help. Find a marriage therapist — or group marriage retreat — and reconnect with your partner today.

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