Should You Go To Couples Counseling?

couples counselingIf you feel like your marriage is falling apart, you might want to consider seeking professional help. In fact, if you’re asking the question, “Should I go to couple’s counseling?”, then the answer is probably a resounding yes.

Couples counseling is actually pretty common for many married couples across the United States. It’s a way to help solve your problems with yourself and your significant other. In fact, after working with a marriage therapist, 93% of patients say they had more effective tools for dealing with their relationship problems. The respondents also said therapy improved their physical health and their ability to function better at work. So, is couples counseling really the right move for you?

If you got married young, believe your communication with your SO is poor, or if your partner tends to withdraw from other people, then you are at a higher risk of divorce. This doesn’t mean divorce is going to happen, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. However, there is no “type” of couple that could benefit from therapy, and many couples are surprised by how much they come to appreciate the process.

Couples who wait too long before getting help, couples that have one partner who is set on divorce, or couples that have one partner who is addicted to drugs and alcohol may go to couples therapy, but don’t usually do well in the end. However, there is always hope so long as both partners are willing to work on their relationship together. An experienced therapist can provide the safe, healing environment you need to fix your marriage.

If you’re serious about getting help for your marriage, it’s important to seek help as soon as you possibly can. Those who wait don’t have a high chance of succeeding. Sit down with your partner and plan to budget the time and money that will need to be put into the treatment. It will be hard to get your relationship back on track if it’s been suffering for years. Find a professional you can trust and one that seems as though they are fully invested in making your relationship better.

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April 29, 2019

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