Reset your mind and your mood

Reset your mind and mood: It’s in your control

By: Daniel Jurek

Spring and Easter bring about the sense of new-ness and renewal. Yet often times our mood and emotions do not get in step with all of this positive energy. Many people often struggle with depressed mood, sad mood, and unhappy feelings in their day-to-day life and feel as though they have no control over their interior life.

466235-victoryEmotion is created by motion. To say it differently, emotions are linked to movement in our bodies. If I pointed to a door and told you that behind that door was a depressed person; do you think you would be able to describe that person’s body posture? Sure you could. Their shoulders would be slouched inward, their head would be down, their breath would be shallow, their voice would be soft and their speech would most likely be slow.

Observe someone when they are happy. Their chest is out, their shoulders 9are back, their breath is full, their head is up, their voice is strong and their speech is normal if not fast. What about a person who is angry? Can you see the anger in their body? Most of us can. Our bodies most often proclaim our emotion and mood.

If you have a poor posture, it only lends itself to poor emotions, or a negative state. Conscious good posture and alertness produces a more positive state. Let your body help determine your mood and emotions. As the saying goes, change your body and change your state. Give it a try!

(Originally published in Community Chronicles, Issue 58. May, 2016)



May 18, 2016

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