Does Your Partner have Depression? These 3 Tips Can Help

depressionIn the year 2012, about 16 million (or 6.9 percent of) adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode

Depression can be a debilitating illness. It can make a person feel hopeless or worthless, and leave them with no energy or interest in doing the things they once enjoyed.

As depression forces a person to withdraw from their life and the people they love, it can also cause them guilt and a sense of isolation, which can lead to even more hopelessness.

But the vicious cycle of depression does not only affect the person suffering from the disease, but also the people in their life. If you are married to a person with depression, it can be a real challenge learning how to navigate the murky depths of depression.

Here are mistakes to avoid if the person you love is suffering with depression.

  1. Don’t Blame Them
    Depression can be confusing for those who are looking at it from the outside. While one might think that the sudden shirking of household duties and social engagements might have more to do with indifference than a mental illness, it is important that you acknowledge what depression is and the way it effects your partner.
  2. Don’t Blame Yourself
    It can be difficult when you feel your partner pulling away from you. You might resent having to put in the extra effort just to maintain a connection, or your own insecurity might make you doubt the strength of your relationship. But it’s important to remember, just like your partner is responsible for the chemical changes that result in depression, you are not to blame either. While it is important to leave yourself space to register your reactions to their illness, you should not let guilt affect your own mental well-being.
  3. Be Direct, but Loving
    It can be tempting to tell your partner that they are slipping into depression, especially if you are able to see it before they do. What you must remember is that your place is to support them and not be their doctor.Express your concern, but do so in a way that is loving and gentle. And once you do, offer to go with them to therapy the first time. In short, support them.

A partner’s depression can have just as much impact on your own life as it does on theirs, but it is important to remember that they are the one suffering from a disease. You must support them and help them recover.

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October 28, 2017

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