Marriage-It Ain’t Easy But it is Worth It!

In a recent survey of couples that saw a marriage therapist, 93% report that they are enjoying improved physical health and feel like they have better coping tools. You could be a part of that 93%.

Making a marriage work is not easy. There are plenty of bumps in the road and plenty of obstacles to overcome. No one is born with the tools to manage those obstacles and bumps in the road. The tools must be taught.

Insider Information

It can be hard to get the information that you need to deal with frustrations in your marriage. Well-meaning friends and family members are chock full of advice but typically it is not impartial advice. Professional couples counseling helps you and your partner to see “the other guys side” and come to a place of healing and understanding.

Learning new coping skills to help to deal with the stress of marital problems can help both partners to feel better. Additionally, learning new communication skills can help to open the door to healing and build a stronger foundation for moving forward in the relationship.

Sadly many couples throw in the towel out of frustration and the inability to cope with the situation without seeking the professional intervention their marriage deserves. The marriage counseling Lafayette LA turns to can help you and your partner to avoid the same fate.

No One Takes Sides

One of the reasons more couples are not seeking marriage therapy because one partner or the other believes that the counselor is there to make a judgment call and figure out which party is at fault. The truth is that is not what marriage counseling is about.

A highly trained therapist is there to provide you and your partner with the skillset that you need to work through your problems and live happily together. The therapist does not form opinions about rights and wrongs they simply work with you to improve your coping and communication.

What If It is Really Over?

A lot of couples come into marriage therapy with the idea that their relationship is over and that there is no way to fix it. In some cases it is true the relationship cannot be salvaged, in others, couples are pleasantly surprised that they were wrong and they work through the problems.

Marriage counseling is focused on healing and moving forward. Even in extreme cases where divorce is imminent a therapist can help with the transition and help you and your partner get to a healthy place.

Before you throw in the towel, seek counseling, your marriage is worth the effort.

August 6, 2019

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