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The Pax Renewal Center considers it a privilege to work with couples as they navigate the often turbulent waters of marriage. We greatly appreciate your consideration of our program to help with your most precious relationship.

Below is the information on the Creating Connection Marriage Intensive Retreat program (we refer to them as Intensives). This answers most of the questions we receive daily, so it is a great place to begin the process. Let us know if you have any specific questions and how we can help. You can reach us by telephone at (337) 993-1960 or email us directly at the addresses provided below. We are looking forward to guiding you through the scheduling process.

So how can you know if you need to attend one of our Marriage Intensives?

Relationship puzzleDifficulty communicating well, especially when you disagree.
One or both partners choose to avoid or withdrawal from conversations as a result of negative discussion.
When one talks negatively about the beliefs, feelings, thoughts, looks, etc. of the other partner.
Negative Interpretations
When one partner believes that the other partner is constantly behaving/speaking in a more negative way than is actually the case.
When in a discussion, one or both partners begin to escalate the conversation to hostile levels.
Not handling disagreements as a team.
Unrealistic beliefs about marriage.
Difference in beliefs about important issues.
A low level of commitment to one another (infidelity, no long-term goals, etc.)
Not practicing faith/spirituality together.

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Private Intensives Tailored to Your Marriage

The purpose of this private intensive is to help spouses nourish and transform their relationship into one that is enduring and deeply connected. This 2 day experience will help you connect more deeply and build spousal intimacy.

This program, developed and implemented by Daniel Jurek, LMFT, LPC-S, is in a private setting with just one couple and  Dan Jurek. This private and personal format allows Dan to tailor the Intensive around what YOU are going through; he will spend his time with YOU as a couple, working on the issues that YOU are experiencing.

The Creating Connection Marriage Intensive is a specific type of therapy that is Solution-focused, brief, structured and strategic. Its purpose is to help resolve your current crisis or a specific issue in the relationship. It is not meant as an ongoing long term couples therapy. Because time is limited, it does not include a full relationship assessment nor a teaching of every skill available in couple’s therapy. Rather, an assessment is done on the current crisis, and together with information gleaned from the on-line assessment and written questionnaires completed and sent to us prior to your intensive, goals are set collaboratively to fit the time available. Therapy methods pertinent to achieving these goals are then incorporated into the treatment.

The structure of each therapy day will vary depending on your specific needs. Establishing therapeutic goals and a treatment plan to guide your therapy will occur in the first session. Thereafter, all treatment sessions will focus on the problems and goals agreed upon.


The fee for a Private Marriage Intensive Retreat with Dan:

2-Day Creating Connection Private Intensive:  $3000.00

This includes the online assessment, review of the written questionnaires and approximately 12 hours of intensive work, and the opportunity to have two (2) one hour aftercare sessions with Dan, in person or video conference at a greatly reduced rate.

Scheduling Your Intensive

Contact the Pax Renewal Center (337) 993-1960 to schedule. We will have Dan or one of his associates call you to help you with scheduling. With an agreed date scheduled, you can pay in full using a credit card or you will need to make a minimum deposit of $1500.00 to secure your reservation.  The balance is due upon arrival of your scheduled intensive.  We will then send to you the online assessment and written questionnaires for you and your spouse to complete.

Once you are scheduled, we can also give you a list of hotels in the area and of course a list of great places to eat in Cajun Country!

Intensive Coordinators
Daniel Jurek – dan@paxrenewalcenter.com (337) 993-1960
Candace Hanson – candace@paxrenewalcenter.com (337) 993-1960

A little bit more about the Creating Connection Marriage Intensive

If you don’t want your marriage to end in divorce, but you don’t know how to keep it together, then our Intensive is the solution you are looking for. The Intensive is based on over a decade of intense clinical training, supervision and development. It is proven to increase marital satisfaction and significantly decrease your chances of divorce. Dan incorporates the best of research based relationship science along with the principles of faith and spirituality to offer you a strategic approach to helping your relationship grow.

Cancellation Policy

There is full refund (less $100 for the cost of online assessments) of your deposit up to 2 weeks in advance of the date of the Intensive. There are no refunds accepted within 2 weeks of the date of a scheduled Intensive for any reason. Intensives cannot be rescheduled under any circumstance.

Who Will Benefit From The 2-Day Intensive?

Our Creating Connection Marriage Intensive Retreat is a 2-Day format, designed for couples that are committed to working on the marriage but are experiencing a major issue or event such as infidelity, lack of love, separation, possibly discussing divorce or having multiple “smaller” issues such as blended family, parenting matters, communication, conflict resolution or any number of other problems. This option is not appropriate for couples that are experiencing a lack of commitment to the marriage. (Please see Discernment Counseling for Couples if one or both spouses lack a commitment to the marriage).

It is very important that we know prior to the Intensive if there are any personality disorders, physical or mental health related diagnoses, physical abuse or addictions (drug, alcohol, sexual) past or present so that we can determine if our program will be successful in your current situation.

How Much Time Is Included With Each Intensive?

Our Intensives are held Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a break for lunch. We also offer 2 – 1 hour sessions with Dan after the Intensive at $112.00/session (50% off), to be used at your discretion either in person, or secure audio/video.

Weekend Intensives

Occasionally, Dan is willing to facilitate an Intensive outside of normal operating hours. There is a $800.00 per day up-charge for each day that falls on a Saturday or Sunday.. Please let us know if you are interested in weekend schedules.

What Is The Intensive Like?

In today’s society it is difficult to commit an hour a week for several months to anything, let alone the health of your marriage. Typically, this is what you are asked to do when you seek traditional marriage counseling. Often, you find yourself experiencing more stress just trying to get into counseling because you have to take off work early, find a babysitter for the kids, coordinate each others’ schedules, etc. In the end, counseling becomes more of a hassle than an asset and you can feel as though you are making little to no progress and this may just be a waste of precious time and money.  Our intensives are focused help for your marriage.

The Creating Connection Marriage Intensive is focused and individualized to help move you forward in love and harmony. The time is intentional and purposeful. You will learn specific key concepts that are proven to revitalize even the most stressed and wounded couples.

Why Should You Seek Help?

Because the average cost of contested divorce in Louisiana can cost $32,000 or more!(1)

Because nearly every possible negative behavior for a child increases after a divorce. Because of the brilliant work of some of the most respected marriage and family researchers today (John Gottman, Susan Johnson, William Doherty, Esther Perel, etc), we now know what it takes for a marriage to overcome most any conflict it will face.

For this reason, you can survive whatever conflict or hurt your marriage is suffering from! Our Intensive is designed to turn even the most hurting or devastated marriages into thriving and committed ones!

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Looking for our Small Group Marriage Intensive?

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Group Marriage Intensive

(1) https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/family-law/divorce/how-much-does-divorce-cost-in-louisiana.html

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