Pax Renewal Center is Excited to Sponsor. Hold Me Tight for Christian Couples A Dr. Susan Johnson Hold Me Tight Workshop . Join us on a two day journey to build the connection with your spouse based on principles of faith, hope and love. Hosted By: Daniel Jurek, LPC-S, LMFT Candace Hanson, LPC, RPT. “Learning to love and be loved is, in effect, about learning to tune in to our emotions so that we know what we need from a partner and expressing those desires openly, in a way that evokes sympathy and support from him or her.” Sue Johnson

“Christian love must be chased after, aspired to, and practiced.” ~ Gary L. Thomas

A strong marriage is the foundation and cornerstone of a strong family. Therefore, couples constantly need to maintain their spousal relationship so that the marriage stays strong and vibrant. This two day enrichment retreat will assist couples by renewing their vision, learning new skills, and creating an environment of faith, hope and love in their marriage and for their family. This Christian couples retreat is marriage education in a group setting, NOT marriage therapy.

Hosted by: Daniel Jurek, LPC-S -, LMFT and Candace Hanson, LPC, RPT
Other Certified Counselors Available To Assist Couple Conversations

2 Day Christian Couples Retreat

January 24-25, 2020: SOLD OUT
March 6-7, 2020

Fairfield by Marriott
1606 West Pinhook Rd.
Lafayette, LA 70508

5 Tuesday Evening Sessions

We currently do not have a Tuesday Evenings event scheduled.

This group marriage intensive is for couples:

  • Who want to make take a massive step in creating the marriage relationship they’ve always dreamed of experiencing
  • Recovering from betrayals, infidelity and deep hurts
  • Who need extended, uninterrupted time without the distraction of work, kids and a busy life, to recapture intimacy and connection
  • In crisis, feel stuck or hopeless that things will never change

This group marriage intensive helps couples:

  • Understand the unique Christian Marriage relationship
  • Co-create a relationship vision, which promotes the marital partnership for the whole of life.
  • Connect and communicate to create a positive change in your relationship
  • Discover the giftedness of one’s spouse and their unique need for connection and intimacy
  • Discover the steps to heal the wounds within your marriage.

Dr. Sue Johnson developed The Hold Me Tight Workshop around seven conversations based on the Hold Me Tight book. The conversations have been shown to be essential to successful relations. You will learn how to understand and improve your relationship through presentations by the workshop leaders that include video demonstrations of other couples.  In private sessions with your partner, you will participate in exercises and conversations occasionally guided by a certified counselor.

Pam Smith

Time and space created in a safe place to discuss difficult things.

Eugene S.

It gave me concentrated time to deepen my relationship with my wife. It provided a structure and background that allowed me to share my heart more. Deeply and experience her heart more fully.

Donna F.

I’m better aware of the strengths and deficits in our marriage and more realistic about possible outcomes.

Dianne D.

The additional counselors to help us express ourselves was key to getting us to “listen” to each other.

James P.

I have learned that I need to be more mindful and responsive of my wife’s feelings.

Dee A.

We talked in more depth on several of the conversations. It “made us” do the work of communication.

Karen C.

It helped us to connect on a soul level possibly for the first time ever (which is crazy because we’ve been married for 20 years)

Richard H.

We were able to open the communication line which allowed us to talk about tough subjects, while having the option of a “referee” (counselor) or objective opinion if needed.

Registration Closed

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