Friday Focus – March 2, 2018

Hello everybody!

Here is your weekly dose of Friday Focus, a list of what I’m enjoying, learning or pondering.

What I’m reading –
Praying with St. Francis of Assisi is not a biography but a way of praying with this Francis. I am using it (along with a few of the other things I’ve mentioned the previous weeks) for my Lenten Journey. I’ve prayed with the book a few times over the years, and I still get so much from it.

What I’m watching –
When I heard the news of Rev. Billy Grahams’ death last week, I immediately went to one of my favorite hymns by the Gaither Vocal Band, “The King is Coming”. They perfom this hymn at one of Rev. Graham’s crusades. Inspiring!

What I’m listening to –
Driving home last week I heard another good podcast from NPR dealing with Teens and depression. The more proactive we can be the better off we are. Pediatricians can do a simple screening that can help assess the overall health (including mental health) of our teens who already battle with anxiety and depression.

Quote I’m pondering –
“God established marriage so that man and woman could participate in his love and thus selflessly give themselves to each other in love.” ~ Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan, 12(USCCB)

And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Twitter or email. Which focus point above is your favorite? What do you want more (or less) of? Also, Please share with me what you are reading, learning, pondering and watching. I may just share it with others in a future edition of Friday Focus.. Just email me at or send a tweet to @daniel_jurek and put #FridayFocus in there so I can find it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Peace and all good


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March 2, 2018

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