Friday Focus – June 19, 2020

Hello everybody!

Here is your weekly dose of Friday Focus — a smattering of what I’m reading, practicing, listening to, watching, or pondering.

What I’m readingRepair is the Secret Weapon of Emotionally Connected Couples by Kyle Benson. In the dance of marriage and intimate relationships, we are all going to step on each other’s toes and there will be conflict. Though I’m not much of a believer in secret remedies, this is an essential tool for all couples. The reason that this is a secret, from my perspective, is that “Repair” is very seldom discussed or focused on.

What I’m learning and experiencingThe Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia – Virtual Tour (Ferris State University). I saw a Ted talk by the founder and director of this museum, Dr. David Pilgrim. I was so inspired by what he had to say, I needed to learn more. This virtual tour is going to take me awhile to get through. To hear the narratives, read the material, and reflect.

What I’m listening toAlaska’s balladeer is Hobo Jim. A Collection on Amazon Music is a wonderful escape for me in these days of distress and chaos. It sets my sights on going back and allows me to remember the majestic days spent in the land of the midnight sun.

Spiritual Practice of the Week – “God calls all of you to take the path of the inner truth–and that means taking responsibility for everything that’s in you: for what pleases you and for what you’re ashamed of, for the rich person inside you and for the poor one. Francis of Assisi called this, “loving the leper within us.” If you learn to love the poor one within you, you’ll discover that you have room to have compassion “outside” too, that there’s room in you for others, for those who are different from you, for the least among your brothers and sisters.”
~ Richard Rohr in Simplicity: The Art of Living by Richard Rohr

To Practice This Thought:
Write a friendly dialogue between yourself and that part of yourself of which you are ashamed

Sacred Scripture I’m pondering – Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. – 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

The week’s ridiculous generosity challenge:
Write or record a short message to someone you’ve wanted to thank for awhile. At the end, tell them: “Keep this message or audio note and replay it whenever you’re doubting your awesomeness.”

Quote I’m pondering – “We understand that ordinary people are messengers of the Most High. They go about their tasks in holy anonymity. Often, even unknown to themselves. Yet, if they had not been there, if they had not said what they said or did what they did, it would not be the way it is now. We would not be the way we are now. Never forget that you too yourself may be a messenger. — Lawrence Kushner in Honey from the Rock: Visions of Jewish Mystical Renewal by Lawrence Kushner

Peace and Blessings.


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June 18, 2020

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