FAQs on Individual Therapy, Answered and Explained

therapySimply put, therapy is a method of self-discovery. With help of qualified therapists, counseling is meant to help you heal and give you coping mechanisms for daily life. There are different types of therapy for any problem or issue you may be dealing with, from couples therapy to psychotherapy, individual counseling is incredibly beneficial in numerous ways. Here is some more information regarding this method of therapy.

Why would someone want to attend individual therapy?

There are plenty of reasons, depending on what the patient is going through. Some reasonings include:

  • To cope with childhood trauma
  • To handle a major life change
  • For self-investigation
  • To seek out change
  • For help reaching and attaining personal goals
  • heal from an addiction of any kind

Is mental health advantageous for someone with mental illness?

Yes, therapy will not only help you fully understand what you are going through, it will allow you to heal. Talking to a certified counselor will also work especially for those who are not yet diagnosed, so they can discuss their feelings and work through a treatment plan together. Attending therapy for mental illness may have a stigma attached to it, as half of all Americans with major depression do not seek out treatment via therapy, but numerous people will testify to its incredible benefits.

What happens in each session?

The therapist will analyze the patient’s problems and fears just by having a conversation. They most likely will use open-ended conversation to hone in on areas they want to work with and develop. Through transparency and a little effort to grow, the individual will be guided to a happy and healthy place where they can move forward.

Are there different types of individual therapy?

Typically, no. The therapist will require you to be in their office for as many sessions that you feel comfortable with in order to work face to face. They may, however, suggest you attend group therapy in order to offer you a support group and make it known that you are not alone. As always, you will move at your own pace and only do things you are comfortable with.

If you are interested in trying counseling, please contact our offices today to get started.

October 28, 2017

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