Marriage Checkup
4 Hour Session
This is a great opportunity for couples to take a look at how their doing as a married couple; what’s working and what needs work.

What Workshop Participants are Saying About Creating Connections

”It enriched our marriage in lots of ways. We learned to communicate better, we started praying together. We had the tools, we just learned how to use them more effectively! ”

~ Ron L.

”How we communicate with each other has improved. I have a better Understanding the child that lives in him. ”

~ Sharon C.

”My wife and I have both learned to be more patient with one another and be better listeners and we really appreciate one another a little more also. ”

~ Garrett T.

”Creating Connections walked us through the steps we needed to feel closer and more intimate with each other. We were really struggling to communicate and even have a civil conversation without it blowing up into a fight. Now we are reaching out for one another in a loving way. We are also solving problems much better. ”

~ Rene

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