Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress You Can Try Tomorrow

Stress Free TipsWhen was the last time you truly relaxed? If you can’t answer this simple question, then chances are you may be suffering from acute stress. There are plenty of reasons for this, from going through traumatic situations to dealing with anxiety and depression. And considering that 50% of Americans with major depression don’t seek treatment for mental illness, you could be experiencing more struggles than you are accustomed to. On top of that, modern Americans get far less sleep than virtually any other generation.

In sum, if you’re reading this, then you’re one of the countless Americans struggling to cope with excessive stress. Luckily, there are some easy tips and tricks that will help to ward off stress during the day. Try out the following self care tips to see if you feel better!

  • Start the day with quiet
    There’s a reason why meditation is so popular: it is a powerful way to calm down and relax. A few minutes of practicing every day can help to ease anxiety, and when you start in the morning, you’ll be on the right track to starting the day off in a relaxing manner. Mediation is simple: as soon as you wake up, put both feet on the floor. Then, close your eyes and mindfully pay attention to your breathing. Set a timer for 10 minutes while you engage in quiet meditation, and soon you’ll be ready for the day.
  • Consider heat therapy
    Heat can easily relax you, no matter where you are. Consider keeping a heat wrap in your desk at work that you can heat up at a moment’s notice. This can help melt away tension in your shoulder and neck, which often builds while we sit in front of computer screens all day. You could be tensing up your muscles without even realizing it, so the heat will soothe and calm you.
  • Laugh out loud
    The science on this is quite clear: laughing makes us calmer and happier. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that any day without laughter is a wasted day. No matter how busy you are, find the time to watch something funny online or talk to a friend. Laughing out loud is one of the best treatments for feeling overly stressed; it releases endorphins, which are the “feel good” chemical that lifts your spirits. Make time for a hearty laugh and you’ll feel better in no time.
  • Go for a short walk
    Just like laughing, getting active is an easy (and proven) way for you to feel energized and upbeat. There’s no doubt about it: exercise makes you feel better both mentally and physically. Plus, staying in one area throughout the entire day can make you feel anxious after a while, so it’s always good to get up, change your surroundings, and get moving.

Don’t let stress take over your life! Start fresh tomorrow and consider using these simple tips and tricks throughout the day. Try them out, and let us know what ones work best for you!

October 28, 2017

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