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Discernment Counseling for Couples:

To do everything you can do to save a marriage

What You Will Learn On The Webinar...
Dan is a relationship expert, marriage therapist and certified spiritual director. He is founder and director of the Pax Renewal Center in Lafayette, LA. He and his wife Jane have been married 32 years and they have 4 children and 1 grandchild.

Discernment counseling is a way for couples to look at their options before making a final decision about divorce. It is most appropriate for couples where one partner is leaning out or wanting to end the relationship and the other wants to preserve the relationship even if they are confused.

This webinar will explain Discernment Counseling for Couples. We will focus on and explain how it is unique along the spectrum of options for couples seeking help. We will also explain how the process works with this short term (just 1-5 session) intervention and approach.

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Wednesday The 16th
1:30PM CST

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