Christian Marriage Intensive and What You Should Know About It

Every marriage experiences problems from time to time. Marital issues can be intensive and cause a lot of pain, that can hurt and cut deeply for a long time. The pain may be tough to deal with because most of us have preconceived ideas of how our partners should treat us. But as a human being, it is inevitable that you will get hurt and hurt others. However, learning to manage and solve problems is the solution to living in a happy, loving marriage.


But there are times you will want to give up, but before you do, you should consider going for Christian marriage intensive. This could be the shot you have been waiting for to give your marriage another chance and make things work for the long haul.


What is a Christian Marriage Counseling Retreat?


A Christian marriage intensive refers to a counseling intensive retreat that can take anywhere between 4 days and one week. You and your partner leave your daily life and its demanding obligations and focus entirely on healing your marriage.


This Christian marriage therapy is conducted in a safe, non-judgmental environment and focused on helping you and your spouse work out your problems and find lasting solutions. It is vital that both of you work closely with the counselor and to communicate clearly and honestly.


You can expect a deeper, more intimate relationship with God during these couples counseling sessions as one of the programs. Christian marriage intensive is also very private. They will not disclose your information to anyone or share your details with other couples. Your privacy is protected at all times.


What Kind of Problems Do They Cover?


Marriage problems range from minor to severe to crisis level. Each requires a different kind of strategy to identify the real issues, tackle them, and craft a problem-solving approach. A minor problem could be anything from lack of proper communication that causes a lot of disagreement in the marriage as couples spend less time together.


Serious problems stem from minor issues that have escalated to one spouse threatening to leave. The couple is usually fighting or withdrawing. It is clear that the marriage will not survive unless they seek counseling to help them look at the problem objectively. Crisis, on the other hand, could include issues such as an extramarital affair, where trust has been breached, but the couple is willing to fight for their marriage.


During the session, a family counselor will help make a diagnosis by looking at why your marriage is unmanageable, unhealthy, and destructive. They will help you address the root problem and instead of trying to treat the presenting issues or the apparent problem. Family therapists are trained to resolve problems from a different angle if the first approach hits a dead end.


Do You Need Christian Marriage Intensive?


Although marriage problems vary in their complexity, it is easy for a spouse to sink into depression if the issues are not addressed and solved. Women are 70% more likely to suffer depression in their lifetime compared to men. To find out if you need a marriage counselor, think whether your family and friends have been concerned about the health of your marriage from time to time. Also, your children’s behavior is a good indicator of what is happening in your marriage. If they are acting out their frustrations, the problems are more severe than you think.


Do you feel that things were better in the past than they are now? That is also an indication that something is amiss. Physical abuse is the first concern, first in safety and second for your marriage. If you are physically abused, seek safety first before you seek marriage counseling. Other indicators include addiction, sexual problems, emotional problems, extramarital affairs, withdrawal, destructive patterns, and negative spiritual relationships.


There is no shame in asking for help, and if you need a discreet person give you an objective idea of what the real problem is, take a Christian marriage intensive and work with a counselor. Every marriage deserves a chance, and so does yours.

June 13, 2019

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