Christian Counselor Training Program

This program is currently unavailable. Please contact us about our current programs.

We now have begun a Christian Counselor Training Program here at the Pax Renewal Center. As a training facility, Daniel Jurek will train and supervise a PLPC (Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor), a Masters Level Counselor and a Graduate Student Intern who will be specifically assigned to meet the needs of those who can’t afford a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice.

Aligned with the mission of the Pax Renewal Center, our Counselor Training Program:

Seeks to provide professional mental health services through a unique perspective that upholds the richness and integrity of the Christian faith. Examples include: respecting the inherent dignity of every person we serve, affirming the sacramental/covenantal nature of marriage and maintaining the sacred mystery of family life.

To provide excellence in best practices and affordable services for those who seek our care.

To serve as a training and supervision site for PLPC’s, Master’s Level Counselors and an internship site for graduate students in mental health counseling. Our program is a training facility for these individuals, assisting in preparing the next generation of Christian clinicians.


The Christian Counselor Training program offers aid to individuals, couples, and families. These services include assistance with career concerns, stress and anxiety, relationship problems, parenting concerns, grief and loss, addictions, trauma, abuse, and adjustment to unexpected life changes. While we operate from a faith-based perspective, we leave specific dialogue on religion and spirituality to the discretion of the client.


Counseling Sessions with a PLPC (Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor) – Masters Level Counselor are $100 per session.

Counseling sessions with a Graduate Student Intern are $100 per session.

If you or someone you know can benefit from counseling but can’t afford the high costs, please give him or her the number at the Pax Renewal Center and have him or her ask for one of our “counselors in training”.


Individuals interested in receiving services from one of our “counselors in training” are asked to contact our office at (337) 993-1960.

We hope this service to the Christian community in South Louisiana can be a blessing to those in need.

Introducing Our Clinicians in Training:

Our most recent Counselors in Training have graduated and are now working as full-time therapists at Pax Renewal Center! Please visit our therapist page to book with them.

We hope this service to the Christian community in South Louisiana can be a blessing to those in need!

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