3 Undeniable Benefits of Family Therapy

family therapyAll families will experience difficulties at some point in their journey together, that’s just the nature of the human experience. Families consist of many different personalities, which means there will be a lot of opinions and emotions floating around. If you are part of a family unit that is experiencing difficulties and hardships, family therapy could be your answer.

Family therapy is great because it gives you a chance to sit down with every member of your group and talk to them about what is going on. You’ll have a compassionate and neutral moderator, also known as family therapists, who can jump in if things get sticky. Along with that, there are so many other benefits of family therapy. Let’s take a look at a few.

Brings Happiness to the Family

Oftentimes, families find themselves struggling with the idea of togetherness. We live in a world where cellphones are always in our hands and our computers are always turned on. It can be really hard for a family to sit down and talk with all of the electronic devices available. Family counseling gives the group a chance to sit and talk without having any other distractions. This can be very beneficial for a family who is feeling like they have lost touch with one another. It will give them a chance to bond again and actually talk to each other. This will not only help strengthen relationships, but it will also make the family a whole lot happier.

Coping With Divorce

If your family is dealing with a divorce, each member might be struggling in their own way. Some people might be angry, while some others may be relieved. Sometimes in situations like divorce, children feel like they can’t say anything about the situation without hurting someone. Of course, holding onto these emotions rarely results in a positive outcome. In family therapy, everyone is encouraged to speak their minds without fear or reproach. Even if you feel like you shouldn’t say something, you should not be afraid to express your feelings and fears. The therapist will be there to help out if things go off track. No one should feel like they can’t express themselves, but this can be especially damaging to children during a divorce. The therapy room is a place of complete honesty, but also privacy.

Mental Illness

Mental illness can be very hard for many families to deal with. Especially if you’re not trained on how to handle the crises that sometimes come with depression or anxiety. Family therapy is a great place to talk about mental illness, as a licensed therapist will be on hand to help explain certain things that are very hard to explain. Talking about these difficult topics in a room with somebody that has experience in them will help the conversation move in a positive direction. It might also make those struggling feel a lot more comfortable. Today, 50% of Americans with major depression don’t seek any treatment, so the therapy group could be their saving grace.

Family therapy is nothing to be afraid of. It can help a family that is struggling with some difficult things. If you are part of the family that is in a tough situation, reach out to a family counselor.

April 29, 2019

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