3 Tips for Surviving a Breakup

Going through a breakup can be tough. There’s a chance that you’ve spent a long time with the person you just made a split from, so it’s inevitably going to be painful not being able to see or talk to them every day.

While getting through a breakup may be difficult, there are some tricks you can use to cope with the situation a little bit easier. Unfortunately, the old cliche is true: the only real cure for heartbreak is time. However, in the meantime, let’s take a look at a few things you can do to mend your broken heart.

Accept the Breakup for What it Is
The first step to getting through anything, whether it be a broken heart or any other hard time in your life, is to accept that it happened. It’s important to be able to embrace what just happened if you ever plan on moving past it. If you can, give yourself a few days to reminisce about the times you enjoyed with that person (and then get angry, if necessary). Allow yourself to feel sad and frustrated and disappointed. However, that doesn’t mean you should feel that way forever. Do what you can to get it all out at once and then you can be ready to start healing.

Cut of All Contact with the Person
If you’re looking for time to heal, space is the only medicine. If your ex is texting you and calling you every day, it’s not going to help with the healing process. Block them from your phone, on all social media, and try to not bring them up in conversation. You’ll probably miss the person at first, and that’s understandable. But you have to make sure that you aren’t giving in and letting them back into your life right from the get-go. Take some time for yourself.

Talk to Someone
Chances are, there is someone else out there who has gone through the same thing you have. By talking to someone, you’re not keeping your feelings inside and you’re allowing yourself to know that what happened is real. If you are having an especially tough time going about your daily life, then consider going to counseling services with a marriage or family therapist. This kind of emotional trauma is best dealt with alongside someone who is well-versed in the topic. Plus, going to a licensed marriage and family therapist for counseling services will cost you 20-40% less than you would if you had opted to work with a psychologist or a psychiatrist for therapy.

Breakups can be though, so it’s very important to follow the steps listed above if you truly want to get through. Don’t be afraid to feel anything, don’t be nervous to talk to anyone in counseling services, and remove your ex completely from your life. In time, your heart really will mend itself.

December 20, 2019

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